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"He's gonna come home."

For a split second Sarah Jane thought about pretending not to know who the Time Lord meant, but that wasn't fair on Harry, and if she was honest it wasn't fair on herself either; she was proud of him and wouldn't deny herself this one moment with someone that knew him, that knew who he was to her. She held back a frown. "Doctor, please... I appreciate the sentiment, I do, but please don't give me false hope."

He tilted his head at her. "Time machine, remember? Sarah, he is going to come home."

Overcome with joyful breathlessness, her eyes started to water as she fought to regain the ability to speak. "Re...?"

"I promise."

At that, she could no longer hold back her tears. "Thank you." Just about managing to rein her emotions back in, she pressed her lips together in thought. She wanted to ask him to bring Harry home, but then it seemed that for whatever reason that wasn't allowed. But maybe she could still get the Doctor to do something. "Keep him safe, for me."
Keep Him Safe
The Tenth Doctor finds a brief moment to reassure Sarah Jane about the welfare of her beloved Harry Sullivan, still missing in action years after she last saw him, calming her greatest fear.

“Hawkeye, can you hear me?”

Clint grinned, turning his head to the right, instinctively drawn to the sound of his partner’s voice in his ear. “Yeah, what is it, Nat?”

“You’ve got to get out of there. Now.”

“What? Why?” He waited for a reply, but the connection wasn’t great and though she’d heard his words, Natasha was too busy listening for a sign that he was leaving as she ran to find him. There were none, just that steady, familiar voice. “What’s going on?”

“Forget the assignment. Listen to me and get out. Now, Barton. Get. Out.”

“Why? What is it? Talk to me, I don’t understand.”

“Don’t question it, just do it. There’s a bomb, and it’s going to blow any minute, any second; so if you don’t get out, just get out!” Silence; a silence that set her heart racing. “Barton, are you there? Please. Get out of there. Come on. You have to get out. Hawk? Cli-?!”

The sky flashed red before her as the vast explosion overwhelmed her senses, the blast deafeningly loud, resonating in her ears through the comms. Against the instinct to back up she froze, watching the rippling oranges that dominated her view, flames flickering beyond the two imposing buildings she had been just about to head between. Tears threatened to form in her eyes, voice cracking just a little through the soft, quiet, terrified tone. “Clint?”

A croak and then a groan of pain that she’d never thought she’d be glad to hear. “Ugh, Tasha, you could have warned me sooner.”

Relieved, she let her breathing return to normal and renewed her quick pace towards the now flaming building. “Are you alright? Where are you? I’m coming your way, not far, a minute max.”

“Dove behind a car. Yeah I’m fine.”

“Yeah you sound it.” The sarcasm more than intentional, she hoped the familiarity would help him relax. “Don’t move. I’m coming.”

“You've got it, Agent Romanoff.” He tried to release the tension in his muscles, then when he thought he heard footsteps, rapid ones, forgot that and turned his head towards their only viable direction. He was rewarded with the pleasant sight of his partner, red hair billowing behind her as she ran. “Tash.”

He was too far away to really be heard in any way other than through her earpiece, even without the crackling fire, but nonetheless the sound of his voice told her she was close and focussed her attention onto him. She ran faster, remaining silent until she could make out the features on his face. “It went quiet, I thought you…”

He smiled at her as she drew near, a soft, soothing smile meant to reassure her. “I was kinda busy getting out.”

Nodding, Natasha knelt down beside him, tenderly touching his head to check his welfare. He let her examine him for a few seconds, leaning into her palms when she needed it. “I didn’t know what you were… where you were.”

Turning his head back to her, his eyebrows drew together, refusing to look away from her face. She was still inspecting him for fear of injuries, checking his torso for bleeding, so he gently reached up to place his hand on her shoulder, leaning on her to help him sit up. Covering her left hand with his, he made sure she’d stopped and was looking in his eyes. “Tasha, I trust you. If you tell me to get out, I trust you and I listen and I get out. I might question it, want to know why, but I won’t hesitate because I know you wouldn’t say it if you didn’t mean it, if there wasn’t a good reason. Our trust saves our lives; we trust each other to let us know what we can’t see ourselves, to have our backs, to pull us out of somewhere if we need it, to protect each other but we also trust each other to listen when we need them to, to heed our words and act on them. Doesn’t matter that you were scared that I hadn’t; you trusted me to listen and get out like you told me, and I trusted you to be sure that I needed to get out, to protect me. Thank you for saving my life.”

“Thank you for trusting me.”

He beamed, reaching out to her, arms wrapping around her middle to put a touch of pressure on her back and draw her near. “Gently.” In response, she tenderly held him back, welcoming the way he rested his forehead against her shoulder. “We should get out of here.”

She nodded, unable to deny it though they had to take extra care; whilst as far as she could tell he wasn’t badly wounded, he was hardly unscathed. Careful in doing so, she pulled back a little. “You feel alright?”

“Mostly. I will. Just bear with me, I’m gonna need to go a bit slow. Help me up?”

Natasha happily did as he asked, pulling his arm over her shoulders to support him and holding him round the waist. “Not too far, then you can rest. I’ll get us home. We’ll make it home together.”

“I reserve the right to stay in bed for at least two days once we do.”

She looked up at him, unable to stop the smile that spread across her face. “After I’ve checked you properly for concussion.”

He grinned in return, having expected a different response from her. “Are you going to take care of me?”

She gave him a small, almost imperceptible nod. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Taking advantage of their solitude, he leant into her a little more, touching his lips to her temple. “Me too. Can we order pizza?”

“I’m choosing the toppings.”

Clint kissed her again, lips curling against her skin in delight. “I have the best partner there is.”
Trust Saves
This was inspired by an early-ish X-Files episode (which I forget the name and details of), in which Scully is on the phone to Mulder and warns him to leave/get out of somewhere due to an impending explosion (which I believe was made up of something biological/germ/alien), only he ignored her due to his stubbornness and subsequently was involved in said explosion when it then happened. Subsequently it sprung into my head that in a similar situation Clint would absolutely totally listen to Natasha, and so I wrote this.

It's sort of been done for a while, but I added a couple of tweaks and picked out a title today, felt appropriate since it's National Superhero Day in America.

Characters © Marvel
Story © Me
Intertwined by Abboz

The first thing Clint saw when he walked into the apartment was Natasha sitting on the ledge by the window. Her arms were around her knees, shoulders tense as she gazed through the window, though he knew all she could see was whatever horror that was playing in her mind.

Shutting the door, he walked straight to her, joining her on the ledge and wrapping his right arm around her shoulders to draw her into his side.

Feeling familiar arms surround her, she rested her head in the crook of his neck, relaxing into him and despite everything, just let him hold her as he desired. They sat in silence together for a long time, no words passing between them until she reached her left hand over to his, waiting for him to intertwine their fingers.

Happy to oblige his partner, he threaded his fingers between hers. “What is it, Tasha?”

My memories have been coming back again, of what I... the assignments.” She felt him rub her shoulder with his thumb. “All the horrible things I did, how could you save me?”

Clint rested his head against hers as a gesture of solidarity and affection. “It wasn't your fault. You didn't know what you were doing.” After a few moments of silence, when it became clear that she wasn't sure how to respond, he gave her a light squeeze. “It's alright.” He turned his face towards her. “You're my partner. I need you.”


Featured in DesignnHQ Magazine here.

Tumblr | Redbubble

Clint, Natasha & S.H.I.E.L.D. © Marvel
Artwork & Ficlet © Me

I just wanted to sort of apologise, but mostly make you aware of why there's been a serious lack of uploads lately. I have been writing, and when I say writing I mean tonnes and tonnes of it, I'm just terrible at doing endings, or at least to the extent where I feel like it ends well and am therefore willing to upload it. And then NaNoWriMo came along (for those who don't know it's basically a personal challenge to write 50k words of fiction over the 30 days of November, but it's a widely done thing with a website dedicated to it and everything) which I "won" meaning I did write 50k words. So I have 50k unedited words of fanfiction to get through and edit to make it presentable (plus what I already had) so over December and the start of next year I'm sure at least some of it will be uploaded for you to read, you just also need to be aware that the end of term is approaching so I will be spending more time than usual on coursework which will limit the editing time.

But you'll have plenty of lovely fanfiction (at least the ideas were before I ruined them with actual words) to read relatively soon for all kinds of characters, pairings, and 3 different shows, including crossovers. I've been writing largely Doctor Who things (Doctor/Rose, Jackie/Pete, Tony/Alex and Martha/Mickey - lots of family moments/scenes too and Wilf even features in one of the Martha/Mickey bits), I've also been trying my hand at some Sarah Jane Adventures fanfiction (including some Clyde/Rani and Luke/Maria with Sarah Jane, Sky, Alan Jackson (Maria's Dad), Carla Langer (Clyde's Mum) and Haresh Chandra (Rani's Dad) also featuring) and lastly a little bit of Torchwood but only in the capacity of being part of a crossover. The two crossovers (I'm counting them as crossovers even though they're Doctor Who/Spin Off ones) I have been working on a Doctor/Torchwood scene (which I am still hoping to extend into a longer one shot fic) of a Jack/Ianto and Martha/Mickey double date, and a Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who crossover that is actually an AU/Rewrite of a SJA story (The Empty Planet) that mainly features Sarah Jane, Rani, Clyde, Martha and Mickey, but also has one scene features of Barbara and Ian (two of the Doctor's first companions, they travelled with the First Doctor and Susan) and Donna, but will hopefully include other companions if I come up with ideas for them, maybe also Luke, we'll see.

Anyway I hope I've captured your interest just a little bit with those descriptions and such, and that you're not too annoyed by my lack of uploads, I'm also hoping that I can finish my coursework relatively easily or at least with not too many hours so I can get some of these things edited properly and uploaded for you!
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