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I just wanted to sort of apologise, but mostly make you aware of why there's been a serious lack of uploads lately. I have been writing, and when I say writing I mean tonnes and tonnes of it, I'm just terrible at doing endings, or at least to the extent where I feel like it ends well and am therefore willing to upload it. And then NaNoWriMo came along (for those who don't know it's basically a personal challenge to write 50k words of fiction over the 30 days of November, but it's a widely done thing with a website dedicated to it and everything) which I "won" meaning I did write 50k words. So I have 50k unedited words of fanfiction to get through and edit to make it presentable (plus what I already had) so over December and the start of next year I'm sure at least some of it will be uploaded for you to read, you just also need to be aware that the end of term is approaching so I will be spending more time than usual on coursework which will limit the editing time.

But you'll have plenty of lovely fanfiction (at least the ideas were before I ruined them with actual words) to read relatively soon for all kinds of characters, pairings, and 3 different shows, including crossovers. I've been writing largely Doctor Who things (Doctor/Rose, Jackie/Pete, Tony/Alex and Martha/Mickey - lots of family moments/scenes too and Wilf even features in one of the Martha/Mickey bits), I've also been trying my hand at some Sarah Jane Adventures fanfiction (including some Clyde/Rani and Luke/Maria with Sarah Jane, Sky, Alan Jackson (Maria's Dad), Carla Langer (Clyde's Mum) and Haresh Chandra (Rani's Dad) also featuring) and lastly a little bit of Torchwood but only in the capacity of being part of a crossover. The two crossovers (I'm counting them as crossovers even though they're Doctor Who/Spin Off ones) I have been working on a Doctor/Torchwood scene (which I am still hoping to extend into a longer one shot fic) of a Jack/Ianto and Martha/Mickey double date, and a Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who crossover that is actually an AU/Rewrite of a SJA story (The Empty Planet) that mainly features Sarah Jane, Rani, Clyde, Martha and Mickey, but also has one scene features of Barbara and Ian (two of the Doctor's first companions, they travelled with the First Doctor and Susan) and Donna, but will hopefully include other companions if I come up with ideas for them, maybe also Luke, we'll see.

Anyway I hope I've captured your interest just a little bit with those descriptions and such, and that you're not too annoyed by my lack of uploads, I'm also hoping that I can finish my coursework relatively easily or at least with not too many hours so I can get some of these things edited properly and uploaded for you!
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Hello there!

You may not know who I am, but I'm a watcher and big fan of your art and DocRose stories :)
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Thank you, I think I remember seeing your name come up as having favourited things. I appreciate the continued watching, thank you! 

I've seen that before and have already signed it actually, thanks for letting me know anyway.
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Hey! Sorry I sort of dropped off the face of the planet without explanation. I had to move into college faster than I had expected and we're having an orientation weekend so I've been busy and just now had access to a computer. 
Abboz Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay! I did wonder what had happened to you. Well how's it been so far?
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